Competition Cheerleading

Competition Cheer Update

High Point Hawks Cheerleading!!

It’s that time of year to begin preparing for this year’s High Point Hawks Competition Cheerleading season! All children from the High Point sending districts (Sussex/Wantage, Lafayette, Branchville/Frankford and Montague) are eligible for our program! We are very excited to have new coaches and some changes to our Cheer program this year!! Students entering Kindergarten-8th grades are eligible to try out! Children in grades K-2 are automatically eligible for our Pre-Comp team. Other teams will be formed based on tryout results and ages of cheerleaders at the discretion of the coaches.
Tryouts will be held at the Sussex Middle School May 18th and 19th from 5:30pm to 8:00pm. Please let us know if your child is interested in trying out and would like a tryout packet.
Recreation cheerleading is also available for all cheerleaders entering Kindergarten-8th grade!
Registration dates are:
May 14th – 9am-12pm at the Sussex Elks Lodge
June 4th 9am-12pm at the Sussex Elks Lodge
Feel free to contact us for more information. We are looking forward to another great season! Please contact Lucia Stephenson at

2016 Rules

  1. In and out of uniform, you must be on your best behavior. Inappropriate language will not be tolerated.  You represent HPMF, your team mates and your coaches.  Good sportsmanship is expected by ALL.
  2. All cheerleaders agree to treat their team mates, coaches and HPMF board members with the up most respect. ANY misbehavior can result in immediate dismissal from the team and the inability to participate in the future.
    *Cheerleading is a team sport.  Commitment is an important key. Attendance at practices (even summer), events (pep rally), competitions, games, etc. is mandatory.  We expect that each child who signs up for the competition team, makes cheerleading a priority from cheer-camp through the end of the season.
    *There will be NO EXCUSED ABSENCES.  Absolutely under no circumstance should you miss practice because of injury or illness.  A child can still watch and learn the routine.  If he/she is extremely ill we understand (vomiting, temp > 100); however a phone call to one of the coaches is expected prior to the start of practice.
    *Homework and/or special projects are not excused absences.  Part of being a responsible team member is being a good student and part of being a good student is time management.
    *Each cheerleader needs to give us in writing their summer vacation week.  Missing practice to go to the fair, a birthday party or water park is not a vacation.
    *Attendance at the pep rally is mandatory.  The pep rally is tentatively scheduled for September 4th, 2015.
    *If a cheerleader misses practice for any reason 2 weeks prior to a competition, he/she may be planned out of the routine for that competition.
    *Practices are closed sessions.  Parents will be invited in at the end of some practices to view.
    *Practices will be 2 days per week on Monday’s and Wednesday’s.  Practice during the summer is TBA and will be in the evenings when school starts.
    *CAMP– MANDATORY Choreography Camp dates will be announced soon.
    *Arriving late to practice will not be tolerated.  Cheerleaders should arrive 15 minutes early to get sneakers on and help put out mats and be ready to practice on time.  Frequently missed practice/events or late arrivals may result in removal from the program without reimbursement.
    *All cheerleaders will help put out mats before practice and put them away after practice.
    *All cheerleaders must come to practice dressed appropriately.  Practice clothes will consist of High Point Cheer apparel (black or red cheer shorts and HP Cheer shirts).  No belly shirts, no jewelry and no long nails.  Hair must be pulled back off of face and proper cheer sneakers.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
  5. HPH is not responsible for lost or stolen items in the gym or while at a team function or competition. Cheerleaders are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Please do not leave trash around the gym.
  6. Each cheerleader will need a physical prior to the start of practices.
  7. Each cheerleader is responsible for their own transportation to and from any practice or event.
  8. Positive parent support is just as important in the success of your child’s experience in this program. Please be supportive of all team mates, advisors and coaches.

2016 Tryout Rules & Procedures

Try outs will consist of 2 practice days: May 18th and May 19th from 5:30-8:00  at the Sussex Middle School.
1. NO parents or visitors are allowed in the gym during practices or tryouts.
2. Tryouts will be judged by two or three judges who are very knowledgeable in competition cheerleading. Results will be emailed to everyone that evening.
3. Judges decisions are FINAL!
4. The number of teams and number of cheerleaders will be determined by the coaches.

Days 1 & 2- They will be taught a cheer and dance routine.  As well as review tumbling, stunting and jump skills.

Day 3- Tryouts- Participants will be judged on the following:
1. Cheer
*Motion positioning and Timing (sharp motions placed at proper angles)
*Voice in Cheer (Loud, clear and good projection)
2. Dance
*Dance ability (technique, timing, precision and group unity)
*Enthusiasm in Dance (facial expression, smile, spirited movement)
3. Jumps
* Toe Touch (height, toes pointed, good form)
* Hurkie (height, toes pointed, good form)
4. Tumbling Skill of their choice (difficulty, technique and form)
5. Round-off (straight legs, good form)
6. Appearance & Poise
*Neat, smiling, eye contact and confidence
*Hair Pulled back and proper clothes

Participants should have their hair neatly pulled back from their face in a pony tail.  They should be wearing clean (not new, but clean) cheer/athletic sneakers.  In addition they should be wearing a black t-shirt and red shorts.
Participants will lose points if they do not follow the above dress code and try out wearing make-up, jewelry, and/or nail polish, which is prohibited in cheerleading at all times.

2016 Competition Cheerleading Costs

Registration Fees (Rec & Comp)
$125 Registration
*Due at one of the 2 HPMF registrations
$65 Comp Fee
*Due by June 4th with contract

Music/Sign Fee
*Due by July 15th
(Includes music & signs needed for the routines)

Comp Apparel
(Comp Sneakers, briefs, warm-up jacket, practice outfit, bag and bow)
*Due the end of June

*Due August 15th

 Prices are approximate and subject to change.
**Fundraising opportunities may be available!!